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sassifunk_plus is a MEMBERS ONLY community created and moderated by sassifunk and is FRIENDS ONLY for you to request graphics, layouts, icons, and whatever else you need ;) please make requests here instead of my personal journal :D just post an entry in here and tell me what you want :D (i also do websites, flash, anything haha) (when you join, PLEASE post your posts as friends only otherwise i'll reject them, but please repost it again friends only :D)

styles (for paid accounts - includes graphics and icons - $15 - $20

layouts (overrides in free accounts - includes graphics) - $5 - $10

graphics/icons/background images/friends only banners/websites/anything else - just shoot me a message :D

have a lot of entries you want friends only to make your journal friends only? i will make all entries friends only for 10 cents an entry :D

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for graphics, layouts, and more:
sassifunk_plus - graphics and more